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Time to record results: 11/06/2023 08:00 - 11/06/2023 23:59

Time to register: 07/06/2023 02:58 - 05/07/2023 23:59

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The "Feed the Kids" project is an initiative that provides free lunch meals to children from remote and underprivileged areas, aiming to encourage school attendance by offering these meals. The project, operational since 2018, has gained much trust from the community due to its humanitarian nature and transparency. It was also recently mentioned in rapper Đen's song, "Cooking for Kids".

✅"Stride For Success" will take place at 8 AM on Sunday, June 11, at Sunnybrook Park, with a distance of 5 km.

✅With a 5 km route, you can either run (approximately 30 minutes) or walk (approximately 1 hour) in the refreshing atmosphere of the park under the morning sunshine.

✅The aim of this event is to foster connections and move forward together for a noble cause, thereby strengthening the spirit of love, compassion, and sharing among the members of the 'Hoi Nghien Viec'.


$25 of your ticket price will be contributed to the "Feed the Kids" fund.

Your registration fee also includes various gifts, a BBQ event ticket, food, drinks, and 2 free coupons (worth $10) which can be exchanged for snacks such as lemon tea, bubble tea, and spicy mango.

Activity will be recorded

Activity Minimum pace Maximum pace Minimum distance / workout Privacy OUTDOOR INDOOR
RUN 03:00 Min/Km 10:00 Min/Km Everyone & Followers YES YES
WALK 03:00 Min/Km 10:00 Min/Km Everyone & Followers YES YES

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